Monday, September 12, 2011

First Day of School

This girl has been excited about preschool for months.

MONTHS, I tell you!

Today, the first day of school finally came. Julia woke up this morning and said, "Today's the big day. I am going to go to school! And I'm going to play, and eat a snack, and do art projects, and then you'll come pick me up." And that's about how it went. Her favorite toy? The hair station (a mini-salon). And the dolls.

No tears here. Just a happy Julia!

And while I'm talking about my firstborn, let me fill you in on a little something. The child is learning to read. We were sitting at a stoplight on the way to school, and from the backseat she says, "No. Turn. That sign says no turn, Mom!" The sign did, indeed, say no turn. She picks things up fast, this one. And, she has taken to checking out non-fiction books from the library. Last week was penguins, this week we've got a book about spiders. You should ask her about penguins or spiders, sometime. The stuff she has learned is incredible!


Alex said...

NO.WAY. Is she really old enough for PreK? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? She was just a baby, like yesterday!!! Nope, I think you're lying... definitely lying.

J/K. Did you cry to make up for the tears she didn't shed? LOL

Kay Hinton said...

Oh my goodness, she's growing up. Can't wait to tell the Keynotes she's reading!

kierste @ brown paper packages said...

What a smarty! I'm glad you had such a great first day of school!

Oh, and I NEVER noticed that particular item in my wedding photo...HELLO!!!!!

Suzanne Z said...

Seems like Clark used to get a book about penguins every time we went to the library in elementary school. Almost everything I have learned about Gentoo penguins, I learned from Clark.

Mimi said...

Ha! I found your blog! This is most excellent. I'm excited to stalk you now.

Julia is reading?! What a smarty pants! That's awesome. By the way, Josh just came up to the computer and pointed of the picture of Julia playing at school and said, "Mommy, that's a picture of me at school!" Right. Maybe if Josh had cute little blonde pigtails and wore purple. Ha!