Thursday, July 28, 2011

Life in Michigan

This post has been brewing for a while.

It all started when I was annoyed by a number of . . . quirks in our apartment. I made a mental list of them and thought I'd blog about them, because isn't that what we do on blogs? Rant and rave about life's little annoyances?

But then I didn't want to come off as whiny. Nobody likes a whiner.

So then I started thinking of all the good things about our currently living arrangements. This time I made a physical list. (In case you couldn't tell, I'm a list person.) I put the grievances and the perks side by side.

The perks list was twice as long as the grievance list.

So instead of being a big fat whiner, let me share with you some things I like about our apartment here in MI (This kind of turned into a long list. But I realized that I haven't shared much about our home here, so hopefully this answers all your burning questions. Cause I'm sure you have them.):
  • Our complex is basically a neighborhood full of townhome-like buildings. We share no walls, only a floor. And our downstairs neighbor is a very sweet 95-year-old man who gives us cake and cookies and never complains about the noise. In fact, he told us he was glad to have us back in town and he'd missed Julia's stomping. The best neighbor we could ask for.
  • To go along with only sharing a floor, we live upstairs. Which means we have lovely high ceilings that keep us nice and toasty in the winter (and in the summer, but I am pretty sure everywhere is toasty in the summer). Of course, stairs are tricky for moving pianos. Ours didn't make it up. But our organ did! And in case you were worried, our piano spent a few months in the garage, and then was moved to a temporary home with some friends who are debating buying a piano. Sort of a test run for them and storage space for us. Win win.
  • Being upstairs, we have a balcony instead of a patio. This makes me much less worried about wildlife eating our tomato plant, as there are regularly bunnies and squirrels in our backyard. Also, I feel better about leaving our door open at night to cool things off. And balconies are just more romantic.
  • We brought my most favorite lampshade with us and it is hanging in our kitchen. It makes me happy every single time I see it.
  • We have a garage. The griper in me would tell you that it's only a one car garage, and it isn't automatic, and the key to it doesn't work which makes for interesting shenanigans when I get home from the grocery store with the girls, but it is a garage. And we have many boxes in it. Also, 3 strollers. What would we do without it?
  • Speaking of storage space. . . we have none. No, ok, I guess we have a little, but it's definitely limited. Luckily (see? you thought I was just whining, but no, here is the ray of sunshine!), our apartment is only 50 square feet smaller than our house. So while we've had to downsize a little bit (and get kind of creative in our storage solutions), we aren't cramped by any means. Which is a good thing, because we might be here for a while. (Our house is still for sale! Tell your rich friends!)
  • We are in a 3 bedroom unit! These appear to be rare around these parts. We only looked at a couple of other places, and I wouldn't want to live in those dungeons. This place miraculous opened up while we were in town looking for housing, and we snatched it right up.
  • We live by lamplight these days, which is really quite soothing. They don't believe in overhead lighting here. The bedrooms and the living room have exactly zero overhead lights. I find it strange, but whatever. It made for a very exciting move-in day. "The sun is setting. . . we need to find the lamps, quick!!"
  • We live in an apartment. This means they shovel the walks and rake the leaves and plant the flowers and mow the lawn. This means that when our dishwasher breaks down, we just call the office and Mr Fix-It comes by the next day to take care of it, at no cost to us. The golden days of apartment living!
  • But I think my favorite part of living here is Clark is a happy man. His work situation is much improved, and he's just happier. That alone was worth the cross-country move.
To close, I have to share a couple of gripes. One is that we have no counter or cupboard space in the kitchen. It's annoying. I keep hoping to find a solution, but there just is none. Sigh.

The other is the toilet paper holders. They don't hold a roll of toilet paper. This is their one job! And they fail miserably! They are the kind with no stick in the middle, just two posts, that are ever so slightly too far apart. The TP will teeter on there, but if you have any desire to actually USE it, it'll fall right into the garbage can. It's ridiculous. I think about this every time I go to the bathroom, and it's been driving me nuts!

The End.


Cheryl said...

I love it. I should blog about our apartment too, since we're only going to be here for 2 1/2 more months!

I don't know what else to say...just wanted to comment and say HI because I love comments too!

Heather Bay said...

Your optimism is inspiring! Glad to see you guys are doing well in MI!

Kay Hinton said...

I loved reading about your new home. You are the best writer, Shannon. You really have a gift. I think that no overhead light thing must be a mid-west/ East thing. My daughters have the same problem in their apartments/ condos. Weird.