Sunday, February 20, 2011

More Juliaisms

I can't get enough of these. Julia is forever saying crazy things, and I am forever wondering where she came up with it. We've taken to making a list of them on the fridge for easy reference. I like to think it's also so I can laugh about something during the day when I'm ready to pull my hair out. Here we go!
  • After dinner, Julia looked over at Clark and said, "How was work, father dear?"
  • One morning, she put on her lip gloss and said, "Get the camera, I'm ready for my close up!"
  • Ella the Crawler was on the move, doing what she does best (getting into things). I asked Julia, "What is Ella getting into?" The response: "She's getting into mischief!"
  • Before work, Clark was holding Ella. Julia spots him and says, "Dad, will you leave Ella here? You can't just take away my baby! We want to keep that girly girl!"
  • She fell down at the grocery store and wanted a Hello Kitty band-aid. Since band-aids always make a kid feel better, I obliged. While putting them on she looked up at me and said, "Oh, thank you, my darling."
  • Julia loves to play doctor. Just tonight she gave Clark a checkup. After a thorough exam, she opened her scriptures to divine the prescription: "I think you need to stay in bed for 50 hours."
  • This one is more Clark, but it has to be included. Julia found her sun hat and put it on. So Clark called her Blossom. So then Clark got another one of Julia's hats and put it on. Then, courtesy of the internet, they sat down on watched an old episode of Blossom together. This was particularly enjoyable as I found them doing this after coming home from spending 4 hours at the Urgent Care Center with Ella (another tale for another post). Fabulous comic relief, right there.


Judy said...

I'm glad you're keeping track of them. They are so cute, and she will love having a record of them. Kids are the best!

Celeste said...

That totally cheered me up! (I can see why you'd put them on the fridge). Thank you! I needed a good laugh!