Monday, March 22, 2010


I've been thinking lately about vegetables. (And half the readers [so, 2 people] just clicked away from this post, because who wants to read about vegetables?)

Mostly I've been thinking about how I've been a self-proclaimed vegetable hater for such a long time, but really, that isn't true anymore.

So I set out to make a list. A list of vegetables I like. And then I thought I should also make a list of vegetables I don't like. And then it occurred to me that the reality is I like most vegetables. I just don't like them steamed and sitting all by their lonesome on my plate. I think I've mentioned this before, but broccoli is the perfect example. Steamed broccoli? Blegh. No thank you. Broccoli cheese soup? Yes, please, I'll take seconds! You see what I'm saying here? It's the solitary taste of the vegetables alone I cannot stand.

Anyway, in case you were interested, here are a couple of lists detailing my vegetable likes and dislikes:

Vegetables I Always Say No To:
-Green Beans
-Iceberg Lettuce

Vegetables I Enjoy Only When They Are Not Alone:
-Bell Peppers
-Tomatillos (though I'm not sure if I've ever had them by themselves, just in sauces and things. But I like them, so they count)
-Onions, shallots, leeks (I felt that I should include them, but really, is there anyone who likes a plain onion?)

Vegetables I Think are Delightful Anytime:
-Lettuce (non-Iceberg varieties)
-Acorn Squash
-Butternut Squash
-Yellow Squash
-Basically all squash
-Sweet Potatoes
-Asparagus (this is a new one)

Do you see how that first list has only 2 things on it? HA! I don't think that someone with 2 kinds of vegetables on their hate list can be called a vegetable hater. I guess I'm just a preparation snob. And it just so happens that I don't like the 2 classic vegetables of America. Or plain peas and/or carrots, which are like the third and fourth classic vegetables of America.

And finally, here is a list of
Vegetables I haven't tried (at least not to my memory)
-Brussels Sprouts
-Collard Greens
-Eggplant (I swear I've had eggplant before, but I can't for the life of me think of what it tastes like. So it goes on this list)

I'm thinking I've got to get my hands on some eggplant soon. I want to try to make ratatouille, see how I like it.

If you think of any other vegetables, please, pass it along.


Dani said...

I LOVEEEE vegetables! lettuce - my favourite!
eggplant? hmm..i didnt like it a lot before staying in China! there, they have amazing ways of cooking tasty! yummy..:))))
keep having vegetables everyday!

greetings from Macedonia


Anonymous said...

I love BEETS! you have to try them, my mom always ate them when I was younger and I disliked them, but now that I'm older, I love them! Hope your well :)

Suzanne said...

I don't like eggplant because of the squash-y texture, so if you like squash, maybe you'll like it.

My friend Laurie loves to crunch on jicama.

Meme's pickled beets are delicious!

Emilie said...

I've never had a rutabaga either. Don't even know what they look like. If I ever start a band, maybe we'd be the rutabagas.

We love jicama.

Everytime we eat collard greens I sing the veggie tale theme song.

I'm glad you've worked through your veggie issues. =)

Lisa said...

This story should inspire every mother in America who ever tried to get her kids to eat vegetables!