Wednesday, March 03, 2010

February Recap

So, I don't know if you noticed, but it's March. I'm not exactly sure how that happened. I guess I got all caught up in my great love of February I didn't notice it passing so quickly. But here we are, in the month of St Patrick's Day and spring (especially here in St George). It's seriously lovely weather down here, so I would highly recommend you all make plans to get down here as soon as possible to enjoy it before that terrible season who shall not be named arrives and I flee the area. Or at least hunker down in my air conditioning. With a large pregnant belly. And prepare to give birth. Yikes.

But the point is, I was not the best blogger about all the events of February, so here is a smattering of what went down:

1. Of course, the happiest event was saying goodbye to the "birds." This was obviously taken in January. But actually, I still have a couple of them still up, just as a reminder I guess. It couldn't be that I'm too lazy to take them down. No. I'm sure that's not it.

2. Julia watched a lot of shows. And was entranced. I think we should start calling her Little Pink Riding Hood.

3. Clarky had a birthday! He is now old, like me. So old, in fact, that he didn't even want a cake on his birthday. Since his birthday fell on the last of four 12 hour shifts, and he knew he'd be too exhausted to care about anything, he requested that we not make a big deal out of it. And that we not have a big cake that we can't eat. So we had birthday muffins! What everyone has always wanted!

And he opened presents! Hooray for new shoes! And MarioKart! And books! And gift cards!

And that was about it. Since he got home at 7, Julia goes to bed at 8, and he was exhausted by 10, the birthday cheer on his birthday was limited this year. Kind of sad. But then. . .

4. It was Valentine's Day! The actual day wasn't anything terribly spectacular (lots of church meetings came first) but I did actually make Valentines and send them out before V-Day! And some people even got cookies! I thought the Valentines were pretty cute. My matchbox creations:

5. Julia discovered the fine art of "dress-up." And insisted on wearing this to the mall one day. I say, why not? She probably brightened someone else's day. I know she brightened mine :)

6. I got a lot of help in the kitchen. Every time I start to make dinner or cookies or just about anything, Julia drags a chair over so she can stand next to me and help. She especially likes to stir, "All by myself!"

7. Julia also likes to find the camera and play with it, "All by myself!"

And then, when I take it away from her, she says, "It's not my own camera," with tears in her eyes. (This is a common phrase around our house these days. "It's not my own phone," "It's not my own purse," "It's not my own pencil." And then she cries and throws herself on the floor. Delightful.)

8. We watched the Olympics! Not nearly as often as we would have liked to, but what we saw was great. Julia even got semi-snuggly for the occasion.

9. We had visitors! My parents came down on their way to San Diego, and then Clark's parents came down for the Parade of Homes. We had a lot of fun hiking, looking at homes, eating at Brick Oven, and swimming at the hotel. We even discovered that Julia needed a new "wimming poot" as the one she recently got from her cousin Lauren looks more like a singlet.

10. We went to San Diego! We were there this past weekend, living it up with the Millars. We went to the beach, and Balboa park, and the Chicken Pie Shop, and visited family, and played Fantan. And I got exactly 0 pictures of the whole thing. Because I am awesome like that.

11. My belly got bigger. Here I am at 20 weeks pregnant:

Halfway there! And I haven't even busted out the maternity pants yet, though we are getting close.

And that is February at the Blockburger household in 11 easy steps. And now that Julia has eaten almost my entire apple, and managed to find, open, and eat a granola bar, I'd better hit publish and pay attention to my daughter.


Sabrina said...

What a good old month Feb was. I'll try to remember to have Brett send you the SD pics he took. Good times!

Lisa said...

So glad to have the perky Shannon back! It was a rough couple of months there.

Amber said...

I'm so glad that February was a good month for you. Hooray for March! I love the cowboy hat that Julia wore to the mall.

Celeste said...

It's so good to hear that things are going so much better for you! That is wonderful. Those valentines are adorable! Craig still has the box and uses it as a bed for one of his cars! And way to go putting off the maternity pants! You look great!

Emilie said...

Have I told you what an awesome mom I think you are? I can't believe how big Julia is! I guess that happens.