Friday, January 15, 2010


Julia has been talking up a storm the last couple of months. Suddenly my daughter speaks in sentences. And pretty clear ones, at that. Also, she's funny. Here's a sampling:

-After someone started singing about the Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, Julia said, "I know that song. Two little monkeys, jumping on the bed. Mama said, No no, sit."

-"Julia, what color of hair does Mama have?" "Red." "And what color of hair does Daddy have?" "Marshmallow!"

-(Playing with a Happy Meal toy) "Turn it back on, it's not working!"

-When it's time to change a diaper/get shoes on/take a bath: "Ok, here we go. Let's see. . . "

-If you have a drink with a straw, beware: she will ask you for "sips" until the drink is all gone.

-The kid is obsessed with being safe. We went to the OB today, and she kept telling me, "Julia safe. Julia safe."

-We've discovered a new fear: feathers. And threads that look like feathers. We practically had a meltdown in the car yesterday because she found a loose thread on her car seat, which she declared to be a feather. We had to have a chat about how feathers come from birds, and birds are not scary, so neither are feathers. It seemed to calm her down, but I'm not sure she's convinced.


Alex said...

She's such a hoot! You should post more videos of her, I miss those! It was great chatting with you yesterday, how I've missed that!!! (((Hugs)))

Karen said...

Haha..I love this age! So funny and still sweet.:)

Cheryl said...

Those are pretty funny!