Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Hey, so, it was Halloween last Saturday. Woo! We decided that Julia should be a fairy, because she has this wand that she loves, and she goes around the house saying, "Poof!" Such a great idea, right? Well, she lost the wand while we were trick or treating at the mall. Oh well, she got most of the partying in before she lost it!

We'd been to story time twice during the previous week (because we LOVE story time at our house), and we had a Halloween carnival with some friends Saturday afternoon (which was quite fun, thanks Cheryl!). But did I take pictures of those things? No. I didn't even bring a camera to the carnival.

Here are some pictures of the later festivities:

We carved the pumpkin on Saturday, and barely finished before we went out trick or treating. We hit up the mall (where they ran out of hot dogs with only 8 people in front of us in line), and then went around the neighborhood. Julia had a fabulous time with all the other kids, running up to the door and knocking.

(Do not ask me why my daughter has crazy hair. I'll just lie and tell you that a strong breeze must have come right when the picture was being taken. We seem to have lots of strong breezes in our living room. That's the only explanation I can think of.) Clark and I decided to go as Sneetches. We kept trading the green star back and forth all evening. I thought it was highly clever (and low budget).


Celeste said...

I love the sneetches! That is fabulous! And Julia is darling. (Even with all the wind :)

Suzanne said...


Em said...

Sneetches was a brilliant idea! Hope Julia's coping okay with the loss of her wand.

And now I'm LOL because I have Trogdor playing through my head thanks to Suzanne's comment.

"...burninating the peasants..."