Thursday, May 04, 2017

The Time We Went to the Beach

 While we were in California, we took an afternoon off of Disney and headed to the beach.  Ella had never seen the Pacific Ocean before, and Julia was 2 the last time she was there.  While the weather at Disneyland was warm, the beach was a bit cold.  But that didn't stop us from wading in the water, walking on the sand, and having a great time together. 

I thought to myself, "Hey, let's do some fun drawings in the sand!  The pictures will be so cute!"  I'm pretty sure I failed.  Either the waves came in too fast, or someone walked in my writing, or I failed to capture the entire image (Ockburger 2017!), or it just looks dumb.  But I tried, dang it.  I tried. 

 In any event, it was an enjoyable afternoon.  We need to do the beach more often.  In warmer weather. 

Oh wait, I remembered why we don't.  I get sunburned after 15 minutes.  Carry on.

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