Sunday, May 31, 2015


For Family Home Evening on night in December, Julia asked everyone to draw a picture of the Nativity.  We all complied except Ella, who is stubborn as all get out and colored something else.  It was actually a very sweet experience.  Julia enjoyed seeing her parents draw (poorly on my part, but sometimes your kids need to see you do something poorly), and I enjoyed seeing her depiction of the Savior's birth.  She even wrote "Away in the Manger..." along the top of each piece. 

A few weeks later, wanting to purge the house of all the piles of paper but not wanting to forget this experience, I took a picture of each person with their Nativity. 

At this point it became apparent to Ella that she had not completed this assignment.  Everyone else was having their picture taken, and she was left out. I didn't feel that bad for her, because I'm a jerk of a parent sometimes, and also because she was the one who wouldn't participate in FHE, she can deal with the consequences.

But then I did feel bad, so we grabbed a picture of her from school and snapped a shot of her holding that.  She is pretty cute, you have to admit, even if she makes me want to pull my hair out sometimes.

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