Sunday, September 22, 2013


To say our moving experience gone off without a hitch would be a lie.  We've had a number of actually big issues since we got here.

First off, getting here was rough.  You'd think a 5.5 hour drive wouldn't be so bad, but it was.  It really, really was.  I had the girls by myself, and Clark had the big truck with all our stuff.  I wanted to climb out of the moving car about an hour and a half into the trip.  I love my children, but they can be...trying at times.  Particularly Ella.  Somehow we survived.  I'm just glad it's over.

Then, once we got here, we noticed one minor detail: the only dryer hookup is gas.  And we have an electric dryer.  So our dryer sat in the garage for about a week, while we worked that one out.  Thankfully we have a great landlord, and he had an electrician come put in a line for us.  But things got a little dicey there when we all ran out of underwear.  I ran a load of undies and then hung them up all over the house.  It's a good thing we don't have any friends who might drop by, because it was crazy underwear house over here. 

And then we smelled gas.  The kind from a line, not a person.  It was coming from the stove.  So we shut off the stove, called the gas company, and discovered that we did, in fact, have a minor leak.  No stove for a few days.  After having an appliance repair guy come out and discover that the part that needed replacing cost about $400, the landlord decided to just buy a new stove.  Not a bad deal for us.  Again, we have a GREAT landlord.

And who could forget the Internet Saga 2013.  We signed up to get the internet started the week after we got here.  I waited and waited at our house on the appointed day, but no one came.  Until I looked out my window and saw someone pulling OUT of my driveway.  You see, we live in a townhome, where the garages all face each other, and my front door faces a pond.  So the cable guy had pulled into my driveway, called Clark (who was at work), and then decided no one was home.  Despite my car parked in the driveway.  Despite the fact that he had never actually found the front door, or, I don't know, KNOCKED.  It turns out we even have a doorbell on our garage.  I guess cable man didn't see that either.

After many different phone attempts, we were told that they rescheduled us for the next week.  At a time that wasn't convenient.  Without asking us first.  I was pretty riled up over this tidbit of information, but in truth, I just wanted internet access again, and I was willing to do anything to get it.  So we waited.  And now, obviously, we are all hooked up. Patience is a virtue.  I guess I still need to learn that one.

And finally, the AC in my car is not working.  I keep telling myself that this is no big deal because fall is on the way, but it certainly was a big deal when I had to go get milk in 95° weather.  And it continues to be a big deal any day the sun is shining.  Come on, fall!  Where are you??

OK.  Rant over.  Hopefully all the glitches have been resolved, and we can just live our lives normally.  For a while at least.

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