Friday, July 12, 2013

Ella's turns 3!

Today is Ella's birthday.

On the one hand...It's Ella's birthday!  We get to have cake and ice cream!  And there are presents!

On the other hand....I had to fit "bake a cake" into the birthday festivities.  And Julia has spent the entire day crying, because, "Ella's birthday makes me feel jealous."

Also....I cannot believe my baby is gone.  I have a preschooler.  It's all going way too fast.

But then again....We made it to 3!  Ella is gaining more independence each day, and she gets to start preschool this year, which means 2 mornings a week with zero children.  And she is at that delightful age where all sorts of funny things come out of her mouth, which makes up for all the tantrums and selective hearing.

I obviously have mixed feelings about today.  (I have mixed feelings about a lot of things in my life right now.)  I think I'll celebrate the good, and let the bad fall to the wayside.  Happy Birthday, Ella Joy!

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Judy said...

She is a darling girl. Happy birthday Ella.