Monday, January 09, 2012


You know, no matter how old I get, I still have a hard time sleeping on Christmas Eve/Christmas morning. I just get so excited for the magic that happens on Christmas morning! This year was no different. I was up at 5am, laying in bed, so excited for the girls to wake up. I swear I was awake for at least another hour, tossing and turning. And then the girls finally woke up! And it was 8:00! I have no idea how that happened, but I'm glad I got an extra bit of sleep for such a busy day.

I think I pretty well captured Julia's reaction to Santa's offerings at our house. Unfortunately, I didn't get Ella's as well as I'd have liked. She was enamored with the 2nd thing Julia noticed, so she remains off camera for a good portion of this video. But she still makes a happy appearance.

That's right, we got a fish. Inherited a fish, actually, from some friends who moved. He's a little beta we've named Winston. Julia calls him Winnie-boy. Or "Whipston." In case you didn't catch it, her first reaction to having a pet was, "He needs some food." She is VERY diligent in feeding that little guy. Of course, her one true desire is to get a snake, but I'm not sure anyone else in our family wants a snake. We're hoping the fish will be good enough for a while.

The rest of Christmas morning was a whirlwind of presents, hot cocoa, Skype, and baths. We were all spoiled, in the best sense of the word. Then we went to our 1 hour of church (which was lovely). After naps, we headed out to a friend's for dinner and games. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and came home feeling full and happy.

All in all, it was a great day. A full day. Merry Christmas!

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Judy said...

How fun! I'm glad you had a wonderful day. Happy New Year to you.