Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Julia's Song

This is part two of Kim's request, since she did ask for video of the girlS.

Today at Julia's preschool the kids went on a little Halloween Walk/Parade for the office workers at the church and the Happy Diners, which is a group of senior citizens who eat lunch together everyday at the church. (As an aside, I told our 95-year-old downstairs neighbor that Julia's preschool would be doing this today, and he made it a point to be there. He's our surrogate grandpa/great-grandpa.) They even learned a special song for the occasion, and we've been practicing all week.

She is, indeed, wearing her swimsuit cover-up. She loves that thing and treats it like a robe these days.

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Kim said...

Cute! It sounds like Julia was just meant for preschool. She's so smart!